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13 Spicy Nights

Valentine's Day is food delivery's busiest day of the year. To stand out, Just Eat paired up with
Jam3 to produce something edgy to take advantage of the traffic that would break away from the usual Valentine's clichés.


Create a provocative livestream web experience for 13 nights leading up to Valentine's Day. The exciting online event was themed around love, sex, and romance.


Hosted by Much Music’s Lauren Toyota and Kiss FM’s Maurie Sherman – and joined by a gaggle of crazy guests – the livestream event got users to engage with the hosts by signing in to the custom live-chat tool through Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Users could ask questions or post comments that the hosts would respond to in real time.


13 nights featuring a roster of sex educators who covered everything from one night stands, to relationship advice, to manscaping; all accompanied by bondage demos and burlesque dancing.


But the project’s success didn’t stop there. We saw the busiest day for orders in over a year on the show’s finale – with almost a 50% increase in the volume of orders!

The Just Eat Love Shop

In addition to 13 Spicy Nights, we wanted to entice consumers to stay in and order delivery on Valentine's Day, so we opened The Just Eat Love Shop. The campaign was built around a new online menu that allowed consumers to receive the Cupid Care Pack for free with each order.

Cupid Care Pack included:

Valentine's Day card, voucher, popcorn. brownie mix, iTunes gift card and movie + delivery pairing list.